My name is Jan (pronounced "yawn") and I design and build functional, useful, and meaningful services and experiences. Lately I've been focusing on online communities, responsive sites, and creative apps.

I am currently freelancing and floating in and around Atlanta looking for collaborators to work on civic or hard-to-tackle startup projects.

I am also willing to relocate, travel, and work remotely. If you’d like to work together, send me an email. You could also tweet or find me on linkedin.

Take a look at my résumé.

Work & Experience

I’ve had the luxury of working with some amazing companies and clients, including Coca-Cola, L’Oreal / Garnier, Verizon Wireless, Home Depot, Nespresso, and Cartoon Network.

I have also worked on the client side with Ubiquiti Networks, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Arbitron, and others.


Here’s a small sample of projects I’ve worked on.


Design & Development Anywhere 2016
I improve usability, understandability and visual design for mobile, web, and desktop applications with a user-centered slant. I'm also developing and designing custom web apps.
Ubiquiti Networks
User Experience Architect Atlanta, GA 2014 — 2016
I defined requirements, build site maps and create wireframes, as well as design, prototype, and develop the front-end user interfaces.

At Ubiquiti Networks I designed and developed new customer-facing support and community tools that was supposed to launch in the Spring of 2016. The project was unfortunately cut a couple of weeks before we launched public beta.

Startup Atlanta, GA 2014
Product design, front-end design and development on a startup project jumpstarted by Switchyards.
Sr. User Experience Architect Atlanta, GA 2012 - 2014
User experience, business analysis, product design, and prototyping

At Nurun, I bring client projects to life. I help define project scope, functionality, research, and other needs, and help determine the feasibility and schedule. I translate requirements into a tangible experience with flow diagrams, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes, and work with our designers and the technical team to realize the product.

Lately I've focused on creating a creative and wireframe presentation tool, and a more flexible, agile proess flow that emphasizes earlier research, user experience, and integration among departments.

Clients include Nespresso, Assuthought, Manheim, The Home Depot, GE Energy, and Disney.

Design & Development Atlanta, GA 2012
Sometimes I take on smaller side projects. Here are a few:
User Experience Architect Atlanta, GA 2010 - 2012
UX Architect for projects including Cartoon Network Mobile and Verizon Wireless

As a user experience architect, I translated client and business requirements into user flows, site maps, wireframes and technical specs. I developed wireframes, concepts, and functional prototypes, and worked with developers and designers to establish website and app functionality, user flow, information architecture.

  • Established requirements and functionality through userflows, wireframes, information architecture charts, sitemaps, and other documentation.
  • Explored design concepts through wireframes, paper, and functional prototypes.
  • Participated in campaign concepting and strategy, and provided consultation, market research, and research into pitches and projects.
  • Provided UX-focused QA, design direction, and feedback.
    Clients include:
  • Cartoon Network Mobile: Designed new interface and information architecture for Cartoon Network mobile site. (2011)
  • Coca Cola: Site design for Live Positively, Nestea, and various campaigns.
  • Verizon Wireless: Shopping cart and phone purchase funnel, Verizon Developer Center, and many holiday campaigns and apps.
  • Garnier: Many of the apps on Garnier.com including the Style Finder
  • Other clients include BBC America, AMDRO, Pennington Seed, and Autotrader
Carnegie Mellon University
Masters in HCI Pittsburgh, PA 2009 - 2010
Earned a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction degree, which comprised of a combination of classes in interaction design methodologies, user research, interactive prototyping, and design. Relevant Coursework include HCI Project Course, HCI Methods Course, Service Design, Interaction Design, Software Architecture and User Interfaces, and Game Design (at the Entertainment Technology Center)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Computer Science & Psychology Catonsville, MD 2004 - 2009
I received an bachelor's in computer science, with a minor in psychology, where I both took classes and worked with both the cognitive and behavioral labs. My degree focused on game development, and game design including graphics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. Our capstone project was an experimental strategy game built on Gamebryo.

More text!

I’ve always had a fascination with learning, doing, and experimenting, and my experiences span across psychology, user research, design, and coding. I frequently use Sketch, Axure, Adobe, and other design and productivity tools. After quickly defining an approach, I prefer to create tangible examples by prototyping them in HTML, JavaScript and SASS/CSS. I am also familiar with anything from C to Processing.

My eclectic background mirrors my eclectic upbringing. Though born in China, I moved to Stockholm at a young age. I am fluent in English and Swedish, and am conversational in Mandarin.

I hold dual citizenship with both the United States and Sweden, which means that I could easily work in and out of the U.S. and countries within the European Union.

On my off days, I enjoy swing dancing, circusing, rock climbing, playing indie games, and cooking / stuffing my face with tasty foods.

About This Site

For the second round of redesign, I wanted to reduce the number of artifacts on the page, like shapes and outlines, and take a more typographic, minimalist approach. Any shapes and lines are only used to accentuate the information I’m presenting, with enough white space to prevent clutter.

The goal is to reflect my design ideology: reduce shiny, fluff elements that distract from the main design goal. In my case, it’s presenting my work. If you think my portfolio doesn’t look fancy, pretty, or “cool” enough, then we are probably not a good fit to begin with.

This site has gone through many variations, and every iteration has seen improvement. The site is built on the static site generator Jekyll and is hosted completely for free on Github Pages.

The front-end styling was written in SASS, with the help of bourbon.io and Neat.

Icons are sourced from IconMonstr and Flaticon.com