February 12, 2014
Let's Run!
A mobile-friendly long-distance runners' map
Let's Run!
Decatur, Atlanta route

As much as I love technology, on the weekends I try to tear myself away from the screen and go outside.

Every Saturday, I run with a running club called the “Chattahoochee Road Runners”:http://www.crrclub.com. They way CRR works is that we all convene at the same location in the morning, and we can choose what distances to run, which can range from 7 miles up to 20 or more miles. Each route will include evenly spaced water stops that club members set out before each run.

The maps for the distances come on printed sheets of paper, and tell us on which streets to turn, where the next water stop is, and how far we’ve run at each turn. Often, the sheets are hard to manage: you fumble with the page while running, and the text can be really small, and the paper can get soggy, and so on.

Let’s Run! is the mobile equivalent of the paper map. It shows the same information like mileage, turn, street, and water stops, without the hassle of fumbling with a piece of paper and trying to keep it dry. Let’s Run also lets runners keep track of which turns they’ve hit by tapping on the turn they just finished, as some routes can be criss-crossing and confusing.

And no, the irony of using a screen to escape screens has not escaped me.

Check out Let’s Run below

Let’s Run!