February 08, 2014
Xbox One Voice Guide
Get your Kinect to listen
Download the Voice Guide
Preview of yours truly. Get it here.

So... I got totally excited when the Xbox One came out. You could turn it on and off just using your voice. Like magic! But soon I realized that nope, it's nothing like magic. It's not like your personal butler. It's not even as smart as Samantha!

And sometimes it doesn’t listen to you at all, and soon you’ll find yourself yelling at your computer like a twit, trying to make it do things that it wasn’t built to do.

You don’t have to sound and look like this guy, especially after having invited your friends over to see your new toy.

As a design exercise for myself, and as a goal to make more cool things geared towards the PR department of where I work (“nurun”:http://nurun.com), I created this voice guide as a way to anticipate the release of the new XBox One and for pure fun.

So here’s a quick cheat sheet so you know at least how to get your One to listen. Or why it’s not. Though it doesn’t work all the time, you just have to keep yelling at it until it does.

Download the Voice Guide


Soon after I started working on this cheat sheet (before the One came out), Microsoft released their official voice guide and I’ve integrated some of their commands into my list.

My list omits some of the more common commands for increased readability. I’ve also laid out the commands in a way that leads in each command more naturally. The purpose and design goal of the sheet was to immediately let the reader find the command they needed, which isn’t always apparent.