August 15, 2016
Double the Donation
Doubling customer signups with better content
ClientDouble the Donation
GoalTo boost the number of customer signups
RoleInformation architecture, interaction design, copywriting, marketing


Double the Donation (DtD) is a small company looking to increase the revenue of nonprofit organizations by helping donors to match their donations with their employers’ charitable gift programs. The company provides a tool for nonprofits to aid their donors in matching their donations.

Double the Donation approached me to improve their conversion rate through a site redesign. Since the site was their main source of new customers, improving the clarity and conversion rate was very important.

Lots and lots and lots of notes

Weaving a Story

When I approached the project, DtD had a treasure trove of information, from how-tos to client testimonials, all buried deep within the depths of menus and FAQs. Understanding the value of DtD and how it worked required a fair amount of digging and connecting of the dots.

I essentially dug through the site and created a narrative, and created content aimed specifically at explaining DtD’s value proposition for nonprofit organizations. I would create concise, bite-sized content with a clear intent (What does DtD do? How do they do it? How much does it cost?), and trustworthiness (backing up claims with research and client testimonials). While showing value and ease of implementation, it would also dissuade other audiences like individual donors, who might think they could donate through DtD which isn’t the case (this wasn’t common, but it certainly happened).

It would a provide hook for users to want to know the product further.

Constructing the pricing page

Constructing the Content

We didn’t want to just convert anyone. We wanted quality conversions, and not people who “accidentally” signed up. To ensure only our target users would sign up, we asked for users’ credit card information at sign up as a gatekeeper. At the same time, we added languate to build up trust for qualified, curious postential customers and to encourage them to sign up without fear of our service being sketchy.

In the end, I wanted something informative and effortless. This is the reason for the long pages. The fewest number of clicks for the audience to decide if this product was suited for them.

Gradually, users will learn what DtD does, how DtD can increase value for nonprofits, how it works, and how much it costs. Throughout this entire experience, they never lose sight of the value proposition.

I also created examples of the DtD plugin in the wild, like the hero image on the homepage, to bolster add credence to the product.

Double the Conversion

In the end, we were able to much better show the value of the company, as well as explain how the donation process and plugin works.

Since the content redesign, new account registrations per month has almost doubled.