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stuff for the curious

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Oh hey, thanks for reading about me!

I’m an Atlanta-based UX designer/prototyper with degrees in human-computer interaction, computer science, psychology, and game design, and more than eight years of client and agency experience.

At the moment I am a freelance consultant for startups, but I have previously worked with brands like:

Coca-Cola L’Oreal/Garnier Verizon Wireless The Home Depot Manheim AutoTrader GE Energy Disney Nespresso Cartoon Network BBC America Peak 10 Gas South Assurant AMDRO Nestea Ubiquiti Networks Microsoft Lockheed Martin Arbitron

design stuff

What I consider UX design slightly differs from stuff on dribbble: I don’t do a lot of “gorgeous interfaces” but instead, I love making sense of complex stuff, like complex websites, large data organization, custom content management systems, information-dense interfaces, and just solving for problems using design thinking.

stuff I’ve been doing

school of hard knocks
UX Design, Web Design, Full-Stack Web Development / 2014+
From circus sites and wedding planning to full-stack React-based transactional content management systems, to an RNA sequencer data visualizer and an experimental novel writing app, life never gets boring.
product design
Ubiquiti Networks
UX Architect, Front-End Developer / 2014–2016
Defined requirements, built site maps and created wireframes, established the user experience framework, and designed, prototyped, and developed the front-end framework and user interface.
Sr. User Experience Architect / 2012–2014
User experience, business analysis, product design, and prototyping. Nespresso, Assurant, Manheim, The Home Depot, GE Energy, and Disney and more.
User Experience Architect / 2010–2012
Interaction design, information architect, and business analysis for clients like Coca Cola, Verizon Wireless, Cartoon Network, and more
Carnegie Mellon University
Masters in Human-Computer Interaction / 2010
Interaction design, service design, user research, interactive prototyping, user interfaces, game design
Computer Science, Psychology / 2009
Game development + design, graphics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. Experimental strategy game built on Gamebryo and cognitive and behavioral computational psych lab work

factoid stuff

I’m Chinese/Swedish, with both Swedish and American passports
I enjoy riding my Suzuki SV 650 or Fuji cyclocross when it’s nice out
I mess around a lot with code & side projects
climb rocks & boulders & going to places pretty high up. even though I don’t like heights.
I spend too much time in front of a ’puter
I like to lindy hop, blues dance, west coast swing or uh zouk. Sometimes I dance a lot...
I like to go hiking or yogaing or other stuff
I really don’t like heights
I speak English, Swedish and Chinese fluently... and French and Spanish very, very poorly
I like to make delicious foods (and eat ’em too)
I like to read about design, typography, and usability, and spend too much time on designer news or dribbble
I once joined the circus (for three years, part-time), so sometimes I’ll still do trapeze or lyra things
…and of course, I also seem to love redesigning my site

site stuff

This monstrosity is hosted on Github, powered by Middleman, and my experimental styleguide and “prototyping framework” Stylecoeur and Kramdown.

Stay super experimental, yo.

Mini FAQ just because:

Q: Why is your site so goofy?
A: Because life's short and this is more fun! (or really, having a “professional” site was dry and boring. this reflects my personality a lot better). Also, this is the result of ongoing experiments with css grids.
Q: Will it cost you clients?
A: Maybe, but life’s about more than just about getting work and making money yeah? It’s about freedom (cue eagle shriek) and play
Q: Are you drunk?
A: Good question, but no. This experiment is my answer to “brutal” design. This isn’t brutal by any means, but it IS more whimsical and it IS me (I don’t care much for brutality)
Q: But this site isn’t usable…
A: Sometimes fun trumps usability. Sometimes there are things more important than usability. Also, that’s not a question, bub. It’ll be my playground and will change over time. this site is extremely experimental and combines js with css grids. it was “designed” with the randomizer at the top of the page
Cheers to being free and expressive, online and offline! — Jan

not available for work , but say hello if you’d like


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