I’m Jan, a product designer who combines code, user research, and lean startup methods to tackle complex issues and difficult projects.

More than product design

Equal parts product designer and UX architect, full-stack developer, and startup entrepreneur, my latest work leans towards combining sustainable business models with building and designing purpose-driven products and services.

Most of my work focuses on building intuitive products rooted in data-driven, iterative design …


I’m spending most of my time as a co-founder of Phage Directory, a digital platform for rapidly researching and developing phage-based antimicrobials.

Accelerating bacteriophage research through developing a close-knit community and better tools and standards

Startup business strategy, Full-stack development, Data science, Product design

On the side,

I contribute my product design, data science, and dev skills to help smaller startups and nonprofits who need the help:

  • I’m on the board of directors at Full Radius Dance, an organization that brings together disabled and non-disabled dancers through performance, education, and advocacy.
  • I provide data science support mostly in the form of python scripts and data analysis for the Atlanta housing nonprofit ANDP.
  • I’m helping Lifeline Animal Project, Metro Atlanta’s largest animal shelter with completely rethinking and redesigning their website, web presence, and technical workflow for processing adopted and fostered animals from the ground up.

No-frills, boutique dentist site

Web development

Using data science to track nonprofit housing impact

Data science

Web development for kitties and doggos

Product design, Full-stack development


I’ve worked with various tech companies and large brands to build products and landing pages over the years. Some brands and companies I’ve previously worked with include: